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Project Nanital Residential House

MSF worked on various projects for diverse clients. We design factories, plants, education buildings, hospitals, manufacturing, facilities and warehouses for diverse industrial segments. We design Giriraj industries.

Our experts at Visual Components discuss how to plan and design a manufacturing plant layout with a simulation case. We review the benefits, processes, and necessities for a high-quality plant layout in your business organization.

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The $4 million project was successfully completed in two separate phases with both phases coming in on schedule and the overall costs coming in under budget. Emergency repairs to the facility were completed on December 11th, 2014 which allowed for the facility to operate through the critical winter months. Permanent electrical repairs along with less critical site deficiencies were completed in April and May of 2016 when a longer facility shut-down could be tolerated. In order to meet the required schedule, TransGas delegated procurement and construction management services to WSP.